What tourist attractions should you visit in Macau?

The "Asia's Las Vegas" has a lot to offer. From shimmering chandeliers to intricately painted ceilings, Macau is a place for luxurious sightseeing. It's so easy to navigate as well, especially with their free shuttle rides. A trip to Macau is easily the best budget-friendly day trip you could ever have.
To help you on your trip, I have listed 6 places you have to see in Macau. These places are amazing and what's great about this list is that it's featured on Travelista Club!

Art by Cassandra Reyes and Valerie Durias
Art by Cassandra Reyes and Valerie Durias

An Open Letter To Whoever Broke My Heart When I Was 16

Remember when you were a teenager and everything was awfully emotional to the extent that you made everything more dramatic than they should be? I don't know about you but in my high school, being "edgy" and pretentious was a thing. We just had to choose which category we wanted to be pretentious in. Quite obviously, I chose writing. And this was the outcome: a letter for a guy who hurt me. I don't remember much from this experience but looking at this letter featured on CandyMag.com, I have a feeling it was a big deal.