A Day in Hong Kong Disneyland

I never understood why most of the children I know dream of going to Disneyland… until I was 20 years old. It was my mother’s graduation gift—a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. What better way is there to celebrate four excruciating years of college than to visit the happiest place on Earth?

Hong Kong Disneyland

I remember standing still in the middle of the entrance, unsure if it was real. Letting the joy and the colors sink in, I walked slowly through the wide, wide, wide walkway.

And then I realized we left our tickets at our hotel. We had traveled for 45 minutes via an overpriced private van from our hotel to Hong Kong Disneyland. Going back to the hotel meant we’d have to ride the train and spend more money, not to mention that it’d be time-consuming and tiring. At this point, we were standing at the ticketing station, wondering what else we could do other than going back for our tickets.

Suddenly, my face lit up.

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