Attractions in Baguio City That Are Totally Worth It For Every Tourist

“Summer Capital of the Philippines” that’s probably the only thing I’m sure of about Baguio City.  It’s cold. It’s filled with pine trees. Tourists go there for some cool air.

I had clueless expectations before reaching Baguio City. I thought I had to wear pants for the entire duration of my trip because of how cold it would be. Turns out, it’s only that cold in the evening. Our hotel room didn’t even need air conditioning units. The whole city is one huge air conditioning unit on its own. But only in the evenings.

I also thought it’d be a chill place, like how most areas in the mountains are. I was wrong again. There was traffic, like real traffic. This took me a lot of time to sink in because I had a little bit of a dissociation on my part. Gone is the image of Bagiuo in my head as a place for retreats. It’s a city… with traffic.

Nevertheless, my trip to my country’s summer capital was as fun as a summer vacation can get. I made a list of the tourist attractions I visited and my experiences with every single one of them.  Continue reading “Attractions in Baguio City That Are Totally Worth It For Every Tourist”