A Day in Hong Kong Disneyland

I never understood why most of the children I know dream of going to Disneyland… until I was 20 years old. It was my mother’s graduation gift—a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. What better way is there to celebrate four excruciating years of college than to visit the happiest place on Earth?

Hong Kong Disneyland

I remember standing still in the middle of the entrance, unsure if it was real. Letting the joy and the colors sink in, I walked slowly through the wide, wide, wide walkway.

And then I realized we left our tickets at our hotel. We had traveled for 45 minutes via an overpriced private van from our hotel to Hong Kong Disneyland. Going back to the hotel meant we’d have to ride the train and spend more money, not to mention that it’d be time-consuming and tiring. At this point, we were standing at the ticketing station, wondering what else we could do other than going back for our tickets.

Suddenly, my face lit up.

I remembered that I downloaded the digital voucher sent to us by Klook via e-mail. (Thank God for technology!) I took out my phone from my pocket and told my mom about the digital voucher. We took our chances and presented my phone to the ticketing staff. They scanned the codes on my phone, and it worked! It was the smoothest process I have ever seen. Just like that, we were able to enter Hong Kong Disneyland.

My mom, who isn’t much of a fan of the internet, was amazed. At that moment, she thanked the very thing that she constantly dissed. It had saved her a relatively big amount of money and a lot of time.

The life-saving app

We owe it all to Klook, an app that allows its users to book tickets and other traveling services without any hassle. Just download the app, tap on the place you want to visit and book it right away!

When I booked our tickets for our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, it only took me less than 5 minutes. All I had to do was fill out information for the number of tickets and for the credit card. That’s it!

Klook also offers huge discounts for all of these services. From the original price of 4,000php+, we purchased our tickets for only 3,440php. We saved up to 560php for each ticket that we bought just by using the Klook app! Aside from that, Klook gave me a promo code for a First-Booking Discount. This saved me another 66php from the total amount.

Along with this booking, they offered a free tour around different attractions in Hong Kong. How cool is that? Klook gave me tons of discount and a free tour! That’s more than I could ask for.

The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland

As soon as I entered the center of Hong Kong Disneyland, all of my worries disappeared into thin air. It was a whole new world, far from the horrors of reality. One-by-one, I submerged myself into fantastic realities.

Star Wars

Here, I met Chewbacca and R2D2. I immediately hugged Chewbacca the moment it was our turn to take pictures. I’ve always wanted to do that. Even when I was watching the movies, I always wondered how it would feel like to hug Chewbacca. Now I got an answer: it feels like hugging a stuffed toy.

Stark Expo

This was a three-part experience. The first was the Stark Expo where different inventions of Stark Industries are presented by scientists. The second was a whole tour in a museum of every IronMan equipment there is. The best of these parts was the third, where the visitors go on a sight-seeing tour around Hong Kong. It was so good that my friends had to go back three more times.

Meeting My Heroes

They’re not CGI. They’re not flying around, killing aliens. They’re taking pictures with me (and a bunch of fans).


My sister tugged on my arm and pointed at his direction and shouted “Groot!” There he was, dancing to an 80s song and being cute. So we ran towards the line. We watched as Groot did some Groot stuff while we waited for our turn. When it was our turn, we talked a little and I pretended to understand the meaning of every “I am Groot.”

Iron Man

The next hero I met was IronMan who was very talkative and also surprisingly short. (Hahaha!) He was like this popular kid in high school who intimidated you, no matter how much they try to be friendly. I tried answering back, but… I couldn’t. There was too much BDE.

Black Panther

After I took my bathroom break (Their bathrooms are amazing; I could live there.), I strolled around the park while I was thinking of what to do next. Then, I heard a very recognizable theme song from a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie. My heart literally raced from excitement. It was the coolest hero! “Wakanda Forever!” he said to the child beside him who was doing the pose with him.

Unfortunately, the line was closed. The lady, who was a staff of Hong Kong Disneyland, greeted me with a frown and a stern “no.”

Now, I understand why Disneyland is a dream destination for some. It’s a place where meeting my heroes only required waiting in line for a few minutes. Hong Kong Disneyland has a different reality—a reality where everyone is smiling. One minute, I was just walking, and the next, I was dancing to It’s a Small World After All.

Do you have any experiences in Disneyland? Share them in the comments section below!
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  1. Sheena Moncatar says:

    I need to go back to HK Disneyland again and see Groot! Way back then, he was not in there. Great read. Thanks for posting.

  2. Mind if I pass around your article on Google+? It’s very good 😀

  3. Jemma says:

    I’ve been to Hong kong Disneyland as well and it’s truly beautiful and magical as you described!

    I’ve also been to Universal Studio Japan! I’m hoping to visit the Disneyland in Japan sometime in the future too!

    I did visit Tokyo Disney Sea and it’s as magical and Hong Kong Disneyland!

    Keep up the great blog!

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